HT Solar, the only Chinese state owned solar panel manufacturer, has supplied the solar panels of Özmen-1 Licensed Solar Power Plant project located in the Milas district of Muğla, Turkey in cooperation with Kinesis Energy. In the licensed Özmen-1 Solar Project with an installed power of 20.17 MWp, which was commissioned on October 23, 2020, HT solar panels were used.

HT Solar has a factory in Istanbul , Turkey with 800 MW solar panel production capacity annually, continues to be the solution partner of the solar energy projects in all region of Turkey. HT Solar, responding to the increasing demand with its strong financial structure, quality production and high capacity, has also become the solution partner of the 20.17 MWp licensed Özmen-1 SPP project in Muğla, Turkey in cooperation with partner company Kinesis Energy. In the licensed Özmen-1 project, which was commissioned in October 23, 2020, 385W and 400W monocrystalline solar panels of HT Solar were used.

Collaborations contribute to the use of renewable energy

Kinesis Energy, an international investment and turnkey EPC (engineering-procurement-construction) contracting company operating in the renewable energy sector and headquartered in Ankara, has completed and commissioned a total of 94 MW renewable energy project investment and construction since its establishment in 2008. Kinesis Energy, which has  received the accepted and commissioned of the licensed Özmen-1 SPP, contributes to the projects that will enable more use of solar energy throughout the country with the cooperation of HT Solar.

It develops its solar panel portfolio according to the demand in the market

Updating its portfolio in line with the increasing demand in the market, HT Solar made its production line suitable for production with cells of 158.75mm. With its new investments,since 2021 to start production at the with  cells of 166mm and 182mm ,HT-Solar continue to supply solar panels for both Turkey market  and global market with the most innovative products. In addition, HT-SAAE, the main subsidiary of HT-Solar, is included in the Tier-1 list published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), an internationally recognized third party organization for many years.