Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy


As a manufacturer of Photovoltaic solar module and cell, our Company’s Policy as follows.


Sustainable Development:  to abide by our conditions of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management and to provide continuous improvement


Compliance with Legislations and Sectorial Commitments:  to comply with legislation in force, sectorial commitments and other requirements, to make contribution to efforts for enhancement and amendment of regulations.


Client Satisfaction: to deem client satisfaction as a priority in Company’s all operations, to determine customer anticipation and need in line with delivering superior customer value.


Risks and Accidents: to identify and to investigate all risks concerning Environment, Occupational Health and Safety. In this regard, to minimizes the risks, Our Company takes all necessary measures to avoid unexpected incidents and to prevent a potential for harm from temporary impairment which influence employees’ health related to their occupation.


Audit of Activities of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety: take the necessary measures to systematically reduce environmental pollution risks such as waste, noise, emission, and other source of pollutions and maintain its continuity.


Environmental impact of the use of Natural Source: to avoid unneeded use of natural source, to reduce waste at its source, carry out studies for waste recycling and recovery and to use appropriate techniques for waste disposal.


Training and awareness-raising:  to sustain all necessary trainings and awareness on our Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System as a constant part of our culture. To support all efforts for enhancing environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers and the society.


Follow up latest Technology: To follow up latest technologies and technological developments consistently.


Participation of interested parties: to adopt our Quality Management System as a principle thanks to active participation of our employees and suppliers sharing responsibility.

To establish an open communication with our employees, clients, third parties and stakeholders about the issues related to Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety.

To cooperate with authorities and related public authorities, persons, associations, state institutions and organizations regarding company operation issues.

Collaboration with the Suppliers: To prioritize to use eco-friendly products in our current process and new investments. To pay regard to the commitments of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety of the Contractors and Suppliers those have experience about identified, and significant impacts on environment. In the line with our Management System, we collaborate with our suppliers to provide us appropriate material and service in order to ensure the best interests of the environment.